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About us

Trinos Men's Wear is a retail business offering men's business, formal and casual clothing with exceptional service, targeting the man who wants something unique and different while offering products that are on the cutting edge of fashion.

Trinos Menswear's goal is to provide service with a personal touch.

Continually researching and keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends, Trino's brings a unique, diverse and invaluable product to its customers.


Meet the Team at Trinos Menswear


T R I N A  J O H N S O N

President | Owner


Trina’s background as an artist, coupled with her strong sense of style. Has resulted in a fashion-forward men’s wear store.

Trina takes the business of men’s fashion personally, because she understands that often times shopping for clothes is challenging for men. “Women are very self-sufficient shoppers. Men sometimes need some extra help, especially if they don’t have someone to shop with them. The number of women’s stores still outnumber men’s fashion stores, so we are filling an important niche in the market place”. “The Trino’s shopping experience appeals to men because the process is enjoyable for them.



In 2015, Trina’s eldest son, Joshua, joined the team at Trino’s Menswear.

Between then and now, he’s enjoyed his involvement with the store. as well as going to fashion school in Vancouver and spending a year working in a boutique in Paris, France.

He now helps manage the day-to-day operations at Trino’s Menswear. Joshua can offer his retail expertise in both French and English.



Keaton, Trina’s younger son, joined the team in 2017 as a full-time sales associate. He strives to give the best customer service possible and always succeeds. He has a passion for film photography and men’s fashion.

In April of 2019. He took on the role of opening and assistant managing the second Trino’s Menswear location in Moose Jaw. He resided in Moose Jaw and fell in love with the community. Unfortunately, due to the pressure of COVID-19 in 2020. We had to make the difficult decision to close the Moose Jaw location.

Keaton’s service is now at our Regina location. Where he enjoys researching and keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends.


Trino’s Menswear offers a unique experience. With a diverse and invaluable product and experience to their customers.